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  • A small part of, was consumed on the altar for a memorial
  • Always seasoned with salt
  • Consisted of: Barley meal.
  • Consisted of: Fine flour baked in a frying pan.
  • Consisted of: Fine flour baked in a pan.
  • Consisted of: Fine flour.
  • Consisted of: Green ears of corn parched.
  • Consisted of: Unleavened cakes baked in the oven.
  • High priest`s deputy had care of
  • Laid up in a chamber of the temple
  • Materials for public, often provided by the princes
  • No leaven used with
  • Not to be offered on altar of incense
  • Of jealousy, without oil or incense
  • Offered: By the high priest every day, half in the morning and half in the evening.
  • Offered: By the poor for a trespass offering.
  • Offered: On the altar of burnt offering.
  • Offered: With all burnt offerings.
  • Offered: With the daily sacrifices.
  • Oil and incense used with
  • The Jews: Condemned for offering, to idols.
  • The Jews: Often not accepted in.
  • The Jews: Often prevented from offering, by judgments.
  • The priest`s portion
  • To be eaten by the males of the house of Aaron alone
  • To be eaten in the holy place
  • Were most holy
  • When offered for a priest entirely consumed by fire

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