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  • A gift of the Holy Spirit
  • Described as: Marvellous things.
  • Described as: Marvellous works.
  • Described as: Signs and wonders.
  • Faith required in: Those for whom they were performed.
  • Faith required in: Those who performed.
  • First preaching of the gospel confirmed by
  • Guilt of rejecting the evidence afforded by
  • Instrumental to the early propagation of the gospel
  • Insufficient of themselves, to produce conversion
  • Jesus was followed on account of
  • Jesus was proved to be the Messiah by
  • Manifest: The glory of Christ.
  • Manifest: The glory of God.
  • Manifest: The works of God.
  • Power of God necessary to
  • Should be remembered
  • Should be told to future generations
  • Should produce faith
  • Should produce obedience
  • The Messiah was expected to perform
  • The who wrought, disclaimed all power of their own
  • The wicked: Desire to see.
  • The wicked: Do not consider.
  • The wicked: Do not understand.
  • The wicked: Forget.
  • The wicked: Often acknowledge.
  • The wicked: Proof against.
  • Were evidences of a divine commission
  • Were performed: By the power of Christ.
  • Were performed: By the power of God.
  • Were performed: By the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Were performed: In the name of Christ.

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