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  • After the example of Christ
  • An imperative duty
  • As faithful stewards
  • Blessedness of
  • Encouragement to
  • Exemplified: Andrew.
  • Exemplified: Anna.
  • Exemplified: Apollos.
  • Exemplified: Aquila, &c.
  • Exemplified: Barnabas.
  • Exemplified: Captive maid.
  • Exemplified: Centurion.
  • Exemplified: Chief of the Fathers, &c.
  • Exemplified: Disciples.
  • Exemplified: Hannah.
  • Exemplified: Joanna, &c.
  • Exemplified: Leper.
  • Exemplified: Onesiphorus.
  • Exemplified: Persecuted Saints.
  • Exemplified: Philemon.
  • Exemplified: Philip.
  • Exemplified: Restored demoniac.
  • Exemplified: Shadrach, &c.
  • Exemplified: Shepherds.
  • Exemplified: Various individuals.
  • Exemplified: Woman of Samaria.
  • From their calling as saints
  • However weak they may be
  • Illustrated
  • In a holy example
  • In admonishing others
  • In aiding ministers in their labours
  • In declaring what God has done for them
  • In dedicating themselves to the service of God
  • In devoting all property to God
  • In encouraging the weak
  • In first giving their own selves to the Lord
  • In following Christ
  • In forsaking all for Christ
  • In giving a reason for their faith
  • In hating life for Christ
  • In holy boldness
  • In holy conduct
  • In holy conservation
  • In interceding for others
  • In inviting forth God`s praises
  • In inviting others to embrace the gospel
  • In joyfully suffering for Christ
  • In old age
  • In openly confessing Christ
  • In preferring Christ above all relations
  • In reproving others
  • In seeking the edification of others
  • In showing forth God`s praises
  • In talking of God and his works
  • In teaching and exhorting
  • In the family
  • In their intercourse with the world
  • In visiting and relieving the poor, the sick, &c
  • In youth
  • The principle on which
  • The zeal of hypocrites should provoke to
  • The zeal of idolaters should provoke to
  • With a superabundant liberality
  • With a willing heart
  • Women and children as well as men

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