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  • Alarmed at the number, &c of Israel
  • Always hostile to Israel
  • Are given to, as a possession
  • Benaiah slew two champions of
  • Called: Children of Lot.
  • Called: People of Chemosh.
  • Conquered by Israel and Judah
  • Deprived of a large part of their territories by the Amorites
  • Descended from Lot
  • Described as: Idolatrous.
  • Described as: Mighty men of war.
  • Described as: Prosperous and at ease.
  • Described as: Proud and arrogant.
  • Described as: Rich and confident.
  • Described as: Superstitious.
  • Excluded from the congregation of Israel forever
  • Expelled the ancient Emims
  • Gave an asylum to David`s family
  • Governed by kings
  • Harassed and subdued by Saul
  • Israel and Judah joined against
  • Israelites: Enticed to idolatry by.
  • Israelites: Forbidden to make leagues with.
  • Israelites: Forbidden to spoil.
  • Israelites: Sometimes intermarried with.
  • Joined Babylon against Judah
  • King of, sacrificed his son to excite animosity against Israel
  • Made tributary to David
  • Miraculously deceived by the colour of the water
  • Paid tribute of sheep and wool to the king of Israel
  • Possessed many and great cities
  • Prophesies respecting: Desolation and grief.
  • Prophesies respecting: Inability to avert destruction.
  • Prophesies respecting: Restoration from captivity.
  • Prophesies respecting: Subjugation to Israel.
  • Prophesies respecting: Subjugation to Messiah.
  • Prophesies respecting: Terror on account of Israel.
  • Prophesies respecting: Their desolation as a punishment for their hatred of Israel.
  • Prophesies respecting: To be captives in Babylon.
  • Prophesies respecting: To destroyed in three years.
  • Refused to let Israel pass
  • Revolted from Israel after the death of Ahab
  • Separated from the Amorites by the river Arnon
  • With Midian send for Balaam to curse Israel

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