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  • A red sky in, a sign of bad weather
  • Began with first dawn
  • Continued until noon
  • First dawning of, called the eyelids of the morning
  • Illustrative: (Breaking forth,) of the glory of the church.
  • Illustrative: (Clouds in,) of the short lived profession of hypocrites.
  • Illustrative: (Spread upon the mountains,) of heavy calamities.
  • Illustrative: (Star of,) of reward of saints.
  • Illustrative: (Star of,) of the glory of Christ.
  • Illustrative: (Wings of,) of rapid movements.
  • Illustrative: Of the resurrection day.
  • Ordained by God
  • The first part of the natural day
  • The Jews: Began their journeys in.
  • The Jews: Contracted covenants in.
  • The Jews: Devoted a part of, to prayer and praise.
  • The Jews: Eat but little in.
  • The Jews: Gathered the manna in.
  • The Jews: Generally rose early in.
  • The Jews: Held courts of justice in.
  • The Jews: Offered a part of the daily sacrifice in.
  • The Jews: Transacted business in.
  • The Jews: Went to the temple in.
  • The outgoings of, made to rejoice
  • The second part of the day at the creation
  • Ushered in by the morning star
  • Was frequently cloudless

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