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  • Characteristic of the devil
  • Comes from the heart
  • Connected with idolatry
  • Cries for vengeance
  • Defiles the: Hands.
  • Defiles the: Land.
  • Defiles the: Person and garments.
  • Described as killing: By a hand weapon of wood.
  • Described as killing: By an instrument of iron.
  • Described as killing: By lying in wait.
  • Described as killing: By the blow of a stone.
  • Described as killing: From hatred.
  • Described as killing: With premeditation.
  • Early introduction of
  • Excludes from heaven
  • Exemplified: Abimelech.
  • Exemplified: Absalom.
  • Exemplified: Adrammelech, &c.
  • Exemplified: Ahab.
  • Exemplified: Amalekite.
  • Exemplified: Baasha.
  • Exemplified: Barabbas.
  • Exemplified: Cain.
  • Exemplified: Chief priests.
  • Exemplified: David.
  • Exemplified: Elders of Jezreel.
  • Exemplified: Esau.
  • Exemplified: Hazael.
  • Exemplified: Herodias and her daughter.
  • Exemplified: Ishmael.
  • Exemplified: Jezebel.
  • Exemplified: Joab.
  • Exemplified: Joseph`s brethren.
  • Exemplified: Judas.
  • Exemplified: Manasseh.
  • Exemplified: Men of Shechem.
  • Exemplified: People of Gilead.
  • Exemplified: Pharaoh.
  • Exemplified: Princes of Israel.
  • Exemplified: Rechab.
  • Exemplified: The Herods.
  • Exemplified: Zimri.
  • Explained by Christ
  • Forbidden by Mosaic law
  • God: Abominates.
  • God: Curses those guilty of.
  • God: Makes inquisition for.
  • God: Rejects the prayers of those guilty of.
  • God: Requires blood for.
  • God: Will avenge.
  • Hatred is
  • Imputed to the nearest city when the murderer was unknown
  • Is a work for the flesh
  • Jews
  • Killing a thief in the day, counted as
  • Mode of clearing those suspected of
  • Not concealed from God
  • Of saints, specially avenged
  • Often committed by night
  • Persons guilty of: Fearful and cowardly.
  • Persons guilty of: Flee from God`s presence.
  • Persons guilty of: Had no protection from altars.
  • Persons guilty of: Not protected in refuge cities.
  • Persons guilty of: Not to be pitied or spared.
  • Persons guilty of: Wanderers and vagabonds.
  • Punishment for: Death.
  • Punishment for: Forbidden.
  • Punishment for: Inflicted by the nearest of kin.
  • Punishment for: Not to be commuted.
  • Punishment for: The curse of God.
  • Punishment of
  • Punishment of, not commuted under the Law
  • Represented as a sin crying to heaven
  • Saints: Deprecate the guilt of.
  • Saints: Should warn others against.
  • Saints: Specially warned against.
  • The Jews often guilty of
  • The law made to restrain
  • The wicked: Devise.
  • The wicked: Encourage others to commit.
  • The wicked: Filled with.
  • The wicked: Have hands full of.
  • The wicked: Intent on.
  • The wicked: Lie in wait to commit.
  • The wicked: Perpetrate.
  • The wicked: Swift to commit.
  • To be proved by two witnesses at least
  • Why forbidden by God

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