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  • Abounded in: Crocodiles.
  • Abounded in: Fish.
  • Abounded in: Reeds and flags.
  • Annual overflow of its banks alluded to
  • Called: Sihor.
  • Called: The Egyptian sea.
  • Called: The river.
  • Called: The stream of Egypt.
  • Empties itself into the Mediterranean Sea by seven streams
  • Remarkable events connected with: Its waters turned into blood.
  • Remarkable events connected with: Male children drowned in.
  • Remarkable events connected with: Miraculous generation of frogs.
  • Remarkable events connected with: Moses exposed on its banks.
  • The Egyptians: Bathed in.
  • The Egyptians: Carried on extensive commerce by.
  • The Egyptians: Drank of.
  • The Egyptians: Punished by destruction of its fish.
  • The Egyptians: Punished by failure of its waters.
  • The Egyptians: Took great pride in.

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