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  • Described as: High.
  • Described as: Pleasant.
  • Described as: Polished.
  • Illustrative of: The godly children of saints.
  • Illustrative of: The place of Satan`s dominion.
  • Illustrative of: The splendour of the church.
  • Jerusalem celebrated for
  • Of kings: Afforded support to all the King`s retainers.
  • Of kings: Called the house of the kingdom.
  • Of kings: Called the king`s house.
  • Of kings: Called the king`s palace.
  • Of kings: Called the royal house.
  • Of kings: Contained treasures of the king.
  • Of kings: Gorgeous apparel suited to, alone.
  • Of kings: Often attended by eunuchs as servants.
  • Of kings: Royal decrees issued from.
  • Of kings: Royal decrees laid up in.
  • Of kings: Splendidly furnished.
  • Of kings: Surrounded with gardens.
  • Of kings: Surrounded with terraces.
  • Of kings: Under governors.
  • Of kings: Were strictly guarded.
  • Often as punishment: Burned with fire.
  • Often as punishment: Desolate.
  • Often as punishment: Forsaken.
  • Often as punishment: Overgrown with thorns, &c.
  • Often as punishment: Scenes of bloodshed.
  • Often as punishment: Spoiled.
  • Often as punishment: The habitation of dragons, &c.
  • Often the storehouses of rapine
  • The spider makes its way even into
  • The term applied to: Houses of great men.
  • The term applied to: Residences of kings.
  • The term applied to: The house of the high priest.
  • The term applied to: The temple of God.
  • Were entered by gates

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