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  • Christ, an example of
  • Commended
  • Enjoined
  • Exemplified: Abraham.
  • Exemplified: Job.
  • Exemplified: John.
  • Exemplified: Paul.
  • Exemplified: Prophets.
  • Exemplified: Simeon.
  • Exercise, towards all
  • God, is the God of
  • Illustrated
  • Ministers approved by
  • Ministers should follow after
  • Necessary to the inheritance of the promises
  • Produces: Experience.
  • Produces: Hope.
  • Saints strengthened to all
  • Should be accompanied by: Faith.
  • Should be accompanied by: Godliness.
  • Should be accompanied by: Joyfulness.
  • Should be accompanied by: Long-suffering.
  • Should be accompanied by: Temperance.
  • Should have its perfect work
  • Suffering with, for well-doing, is acceptable with God
  • They who are in authority, should exercise
  • To be exercised: Bearing the yoke.
  • To be exercised: Bringing forth fruits.
  • To be exercised: Running the race set before us.
  • To be exercised: Tribulation.
  • To be exercised: Waiting for Christ.
  • To be exercised: Waiting for God.
  • To be exercised: Waiting for God`s salvation.
  • To be exercised: Waiting for the hope of the gospel.
  • To be exercised: Well-doing.
  • Trials of saints lead to

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