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  • A care for: Is a fruit of repentance.
  • A care for: Is characteristic of saints.
  • A care for: Should be urged.
  • Are such by God`s appointment
  • By mocking, God is reproached
  • By oppressing, God is reproached
  • Care for-Illustrated
  • Christ delivers
  • Christ lived as one of
  • Christ preached to
  • Condition of, often results from: Bad company.
  • Condition of, often results from: Drunkenness and gluttony.
  • Condition of, often results from: Sloth.
  • Defend
  • Despise not
  • Do justice to
  • Exemplified: Gideon.
  • Exemplified: Prophet`s widow.
  • Exemplified: Ruth.
  • Exemplified: Saints of old.
  • Exemplified: Widow of Zarephath.
  • Give to: Cheerfully.
  • Give to: Liberally.
  • Give to: Not grudgingly.
  • Give to: Pray for.
  • Give to: Specially if saints.
  • Give to: Without ostentation.
  • God: Delivers.
  • God: Despises no the prayer of.
  • God: Exalts.
  • God: Forgets not.
  • God: Hears.
  • God: Is the refuge of.
  • God: Maintains the right of.
  • God: Protects.
  • God: Provides for.
  • God: Regards equally with the rich.
  • Guilt of defrauding
  • Harden not the heart against
  • Made by God
  • May be: Liberal.
  • May be: Rich in faith.
  • May be: Upright.
  • May be: Wise.
  • Neglect towards is: A neglect of Christ.
  • Neglect towards is: A proof of unbelief.
  • Neglect towards is: Inconsistent with love to God.
  • Offerings of, acceptable to God
  • Oppress not
  • Oppression of-Illustrated
  • Punishment for: Acting unjustly towards.
  • Punishment for: Oppressing.
  • Punishment for: Refusing to assist.
  • Punishment for: Spoiling.
  • Regard for-Exemplified: Boaz.
  • Regard for-Exemplified: Church at Antioch.
  • Regard for-Exemplified: Churches of Macedonia and Achaia.
  • Regard for-Exemplified: Cornelius.
  • Regard for-Exemplified: Dorcas.
  • Regard for-Exemplified: Job.
  • Regard for-Exemplified: Nebuzaradan.
  • Regard for-Exemplified: Paul.
  • Regard for-Exemplified: Peter and John.
  • Regard for-Exemplified: Zacchaeus.
  • Relive
  • Rob not
  • Rule not, with vigour
  • Shall never cease out of the land
  • Should: Commit themselves to God.
  • Should: Hope in God.
  • Should: Provided for under the Law.
  • Should: Rejoice in God.
  • Should: When converted, rejoice in their exaltation.
  • Shut not the hand against
  • Take no usury from
  • The wicked: Care not for.
  • The wicked: Crush.
  • The wicked: Defraud.
  • The wicked: Despise the counsel of.
  • The wicked: Devour.
  • The wicked: Grind the faces of.
  • The wicked: Oppress.
  • The wicked: Persecute.
  • The wicked: Regard not the cause of.
  • The wicked: Sell.
  • The wicked: Tread down.
  • The wicked: Vex.
  • They who in faith, believe: Are blessed.
  • They who in faith, believe: Are happy.
  • They who in faith, believe: Have promises.
  • They who in faith, believe: Have the favour of God.
  • Wrong not in judgment

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