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  • Antiquity of
  • Considered essential on all visits of business
  • Generally presented in person
  • Generally procured a favourable reception
  • Laid out and presented with great ceremony
  • Not bringing, considered a mark of disrespect and disaffection
  • Of persons of rank, of great value and variety
  • Often borne by servants
  • Often conveyed on camels
  • Receiving of, a token of good will
  • Sometimes sent before the giver
  • Things given as: Cattle.
  • Things given as: Food.
  • Things given as: Garments.
  • Things given as: Gold and silver vessels.
  • Things given as: Horses and mules.
  • Things given as: Money.
  • Things given as: Ornaments.
  • Things given as: Precious stones.
  • Things given as: Servants.
  • Things given as: Weapons of war.
  • Were given: As tribute.
  • Were given: At marriages.
  • Were given: By kings to each other in token of inferiority.
  • Were given: In token of friendship.
  • Were given: On all occasions of public rejoicing.
  • Were given: On occasions of visits.
  • Were given: On recovering from sickness.
  • Were given: On restoration to prosperity.
  • Were given: On sending away friends.
  • Were given: To appease the angry feelings of others.
  • Were given: To confirm covenants.
  • Were given: To judges to secure a favourable hearing.
  • Were given: To kings to engage their aid.
  • Were given: To reward service.
  • Were given: To show respect.
  • When small or defective, refused

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