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  • Antiquity of
  • Confinement in, considered a severe punishment
  • Confinement in, often awarded as a punishment
  • Dungeons attached to
  • Illustrative of: Bondage to sin and Satan.
  • Illustrative of: Deep afflictions.
  • Illustrative of: Hell.
  • Keepers of: Often used severity.
  • Keepers of: Put to death if prisoners escaped.
  • Keepers of: Responsible for the prisoners.
  • Keepers of: Sometimes acted kindly.
  • Keepers of: Sometimes entrusted the care of the prison to well-conducted prisoners.
  • Keepers of: Strictly guarded the doors.
  • Kinds of, mentioned: Common.
  • Kinds of, mentioned: State.
  • Magistrates had power to commit to
  • Magistrates had power to release from
  • Persons confined in: Clothed in prison dress.
  • Persons confined in: Fed on bread and water.
  • Persons confined in: Might have their condition ameliorated by the king.
  • Persons confined in: Often bound with fetters.
  • Persons confined in: Often chained to two soldiers.
  • Persons confined in: Often executed in.
  • Persons confined in: Often fastened in stocks.
  • Persons confined in: Often kept to hard labour.
  • Persons confined in: Often placed in dungeons.
  • Persons confined in: Often subjected to extreme suffering.
  • Persons confined in: Said to be in hold.
  • Persons confined in: Said to be in ward.
  • Persons confined in: Sometimes allowed to be visited by their friends.
  • Places used as: Court of the king`s house.
  • Places used as: House of the captain of the guard.
  • Places used as: House of the king`s scribe.
  • Places used as: Prisoner`s own house, where he was kept bound to a soldier.
  • The king had power to commit to
  • The king had power to release from
  • Used for confining: Condemned persons till executed.
  • Used for confining: Debtors till they paid.
  • Used for confining: Enemies taken captive.
  • Used for confining: Persons accused of crimes.
  • Used for confining: Persons accused of heresy.
  • Used for confining: Persons under the king`s displeasure.
  • Used for confining: Suspected persons.
  • Were under the care of a keeper

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