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  • Are: Confirmed in Christ.
  • Are: Exceeding great and precious.
  • Are: Fulfilled in Christ.
  • Are: Given to those who believe.
  • Are: Good.
  • Are: Holy.
  • Are: Inherited through faith and patience.
  • Are: Obtained through faith.
  • Are: Performed in due season.
  • Are: Through the righteousness of faith.
  • Are: Yea and amen in Christ.
  • Confirmed by an oath
  • Contained in the Scriptures
  • Covenant established upon
  • Fear, lest ye come short of
  • Gentiles shall be partakers of
  • God is faithful to
  • God remembers
  • Made in Christ
  • Made to: Abraham.
  • Made to: All who are called of God.
  • Made to: Christ.
  • Made to: David.
  • Made to: Isaac.
  • Made to: Jacob.
  • Made to: The Fathers.
  • Made to: The Israelites.
  • Made to: Those who love him.
  • Man, by nature, has no interest in
  • Not one shall fail
  • Saints: Children of.
  • Saints: Expect the performance of.
  • Saints: Have implicit confidence in.
  • Saints: Heirs of.
  • Saints: Plead in prayer.
  • Saints: Sometimes, through infirmity, tempted to doubt.
  • Saints: Stagger not at.
  • Scoffers despise
  • Should lead to perfecting holiness
  • Should wait for the performance of
  • Subjects of: A crown of life.
  • Subjects of: Adoption.
  • Subjects of: Blessing.
  • Subjects of: Christ.
  • Subjects of: Entering into rest.
  • Subjects of: Eternal life.
  • Subjects of: Forgiveness of sins.
  • Subjects of: Life in Christ.
  • Subjects of: New heavens and earth.
  • Subjects of: Preservation in affliction.
  • Subjects of: Putting the law into the heart.
  • Subjects of: Second coming of Christ.
  • Subjects of: The gospel.
  • Subjects of: The Holy Spirit.
  • Subjects of: The life that now is.
  • The inheritance of the saints is of
  • The law could not disannul
  • The law not against

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