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  • Called foolish prophets
  • Compared to foxes in the desert
  • Compared to wind
  • Described as: Covetous.
  • Described as: Crafty.
  • Described as: Drunken.
  • Described as: Immoral and profane.
  • Described as: Light and treacherous.
  • Influenced by evil spirits
  • Involved the people in their own ruin
  • Judgments denounced against
  • Made use of by God to prove Israel
  • Mode of trying and detecting
  • Not sent or commissioned by God
  • Often deceived by God as a judgment
  • Often practised divination and witchcraft
  • Often pretended to dreams
  • Predicted to arise: Before destruction of Jerusalem.
  • Predicted to arise: In the latter times.
  • Pretended to be sent by God
  • Prophesied: Falsely.
  • Prophesied: In the name of false gods.
  • Prophesied: Lies in the name of the Lord.
  • Prophesied: Out of their own heart.
  • Prophesied: Peace, when there was no peace.
  • The people: Deprived of God`s word by.
  • The people: Encouraged and praised.
  • The people: Led into error.
  • The people: Made to forget God`s name by.
  • The people: Oppressed and defrauded by.
  • The people: Taught profaneness and sin by.
  • The people: Warned not to listen to.
  • Women sometimes acted as

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