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  • Antiquity of
  • Capital kinds of: Beheading.
  • Capital kinds of: Bruising in mortars.
  • Capital kinds of: Burning.
  • Capital kinds of: Casting headlong from a rock.
  • Capital kinds of: Casting into the sea.
  • Capital kinds of: Crucifying.
  • Capital kinds of: Cutting in pieces.
  • Capital kinds of: Exposing to wild beasts.
  • Capital kinds of: Hanging.
  • Capital kinds of: Sawing asunder.
  • Capital kinds of: Slaying with the sword.
  • Capital kinds of: Stoning.
  • Designed to be a warning to others
  • For murder not to be commuted
  • Inflicting of capital, not permitted to the Jews by the Romans
  • Power of inflicting, given to magistrates
  • Secondary kinds of: Banishment.
  • Secondary kinds of: Binding with chains and fetters.
  • Secondary kinds of: Confinement in a dungeon.
  • Secondary kinds of: Confinement in stocks.
  • Secondary kinds of: Confiscating the property.
  • Secondary kinds of: Cutting off hands and feet.
  • Secondary kinds of: Cutting off nose and ears.
  • Secondary kinds of: Fine, or giving of money.
  • Secondary kinds of: Imprisonment.
  • Secondary kinds of: Mutilating the hands and feet.
  • Secondary kinds of: Plucking out the hair.
  • Secondary kinds of: Putting out the eyes.
  • Secondary kinds of: Restitution.
  • Secondary kinds of: Retaliation or injuring according to the injury done.
  • Secondary kinds of: Scourging.
  • Secondary kinds of: Selling the criminal.
  • Secondary kinds of: Torturing.
  • Sometimes deferred for a considerable time
  • Sometimes deferred until God was consulted
  • Strangers not exempted from
  • Were inflicted: By order of kings.
  • Were inflicted: By order of magistrates.
  • Were inflicted: By soldiers.
  • Were inflicted: By the people.
  • Were inflicted: By the witnesses.
  • Were inflicted: Immediately after sentence was passed.
  • Were inflicted: On the guilty.
  • Were inflicted: Without partiality.
  • Were inflicted: Without pity.
  • Were sometimes commuted

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