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  • Availed to sanctifying the flesh
  • Consequence of neglecting those prescribed by law
  • Illustrative of: Purification by the blood of Christ.
  • Illustrative of: Regeneration.
  • Insufficient for spiritual purification
  • Means used for: Running water.
  • Means used for: Water mixed with blood.
  • Means used for: Water of separation.
  • Multiplied by traditions
  • Of high priest on day of atonement
  • Of individuals who were ceremonially unclean
  • Of Israel at the exodus
  • Of Israel before receiving the law
  • Of Levites before consecration
  • Of Nazarites after vow expired
  • Of priests before consecration
  • Of priests performed in the brazen laver
  • Of the healed leper
  • Of things for burnt-offerings
  • The Jews laid great stress on
  • Used by the devout before entering God`s house
  • Vessels in the houses of the Jews for
  • Was by: Sprinkling.
  • Was by: Washing parts of the body.
  • Was by: Washing the whole body.

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