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  • Canaan abundantly supplied with
  • Designed for: Making fruitful the earth.
  • Designed for: Refreshing the earth.
  • Designed for: Replenishing the springs and fountains of the earth.
  • Divided into: Great.
  • Divided into: Overflowing.
  • Divided into: Plentiful.
  • Divided into: Small.
  • Divided into: Sweeping.
  • Frequently withheld on account of iniquity
  • God: Causes, to come down.
  • God: Exhibits goodness in giving.
  • God: Exhibits greatness in giving.
  • God: Gives.
  • God: Made a decree for.
  • God: Prepares.
  • God: Sends upon the evil and good.
  • God: Should be feared on account of.
  • God: Should be praised for.
  • Illustrative: (Destructive,) of a poor man oppressing the poor.
  • Illustrative: (Destructive,) of God`s judgments.
  • Illustrative: Of Christ in the communication of his graces.
  • Illustrative: Of righteousness.
  • Illustrative: Of spiritual blessings.
  • Illustrative: Of the doctrine of faithful ministers.
  • Illustrative: Of the word of God.
  • Impotence of idols exhibited in not being able to give
  • Instances of extraordinary: After long drought in Ahab`s reign.
  • Instances of extraordinary: After the captivity.
  • Instances of extraordinary: During wheat harvest in the days of Samuel.
  • Instances of extraordinary: Plague of, upon Egypt.
  • Instances of extraordinary: Time of the flood.
  • Not sent upon the earth immediately after creation
  • Occasioned by the condensing of the clouds
  • Often destroyed houses
  • Often impeded travelling in the east
  • Often succeeded by heat and sunshine
  • Promised in due season to the obedient
  • Rarely falls in Egypt
  • Storm and tempest often with
  • The appearance of a cloud from the west indicated
  • The former, after harvest, to prepare for sowing
  • The latter, before harvest
  • The north wind drives away
  • The rainbow often appears during
  • The want of: Causes the earth to open.
  • The want of: Dries up springs and fountains.
  • The want of: Occasions famine.
  • The want of: Removed by prayer.
  • Thunder and lightning often with
  • Unusual in harvest time
  • Withheld for three years and six months in the days of Elijah

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