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  • A proof of faithful friendship
  • Attention to a proof of prudence
  • Christ gives, in love
  • Christ sent to give
  • Contempt of, leads to remorse
  • Declared to be: An excellent oil.
  • Declared to be: Better than secret love.
  • Declared to be: Better than the praise of fools.
  • Declared to be: More profitable to saints, than stripes to a fool.
  • Eventually brings more respect than flattery
  • Exemplified: Ahijah.
  • Exemplified: Daniel.
  • Exemplified: Elijah.
  • Exemplified: Elisha.
  • Exemplified: Hanani.
  • Exemplified: Joab.
  • Exemplified: John the Baptist.
  • Exemplified: Nathan.
  • Exemplified: Paul.
  • Exemplified: Peter.
  • Exemplified: Samuel.
  • Exemplified: Shemaiah.
  • Exemplified: Stephen.
  • Exemplified: Zechariah.
  • God gives reproof to his own children
  • God gives, to the wicked
  • Hatred of, a proof of brutishness
  • Hatred of, leads to destruction
  • Hypocrites not qualified to give
  • Leads to: Happiness.
  • Leads to: Honour.
  • Leads to: Knowledge.
  • Leads to: Understanding.
  • Leads to: Wisdom.
  • Ministers are empowered to give
  • Ministers are sent to give
  • Ministers should give: Fearlessly.
  • Ministers should give: Openly.
  • Ministers should give: Sharply, if necessary.
  • Ministers should give: Unreservedly.
  • Ministers should give: With all authority.
  • Ministers should give: With Christian love.
  • Ministers should give: With longsuffering &c.
  • Of those who offend, a warning to others
  • On account of: Fearfulness.
  • On account of: Hardness of heart.
  • On account of: Hypocrisy.
  • On account of: Impenitence.
  • On account of: Not understanding.
  • On account of: Oppressing out brethren.
  • On account of: Reviling Christ.
  • On account of: Sinful practices.
  • On account of: Unbelief.
  • On account of: Unruly conduct.
  • On account of: Vain boasting.
  • Rejection of, leads to error
  • Saints should: Delight in those who give.
  • Saints should: Give no occasion for.
  • Saints should: Give.
  • Saints should: Love those who give.
  • Saints should: Receive kindly.
  • The Holy Spirit gives
  • The Scriptures are profitable for
  • They who give, are hated by scorners
  • When from God: Is despised by the wicked.
  • When from God: Is for correction.
  • When from God: Pray that it be not be in anger.
  • When from God: Should be accompanied by exhortation to repentance.
  • When from God: Should not discourage saints.

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