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  • A sign of the covenant
  • A type of the heavenly rest
  • Blessedness of honouring
  • Blessedness of keeping
  • Called: God`s holy Day.
  • Called: The Lord`s day.
  • Called: The rest of the holy Sabbath.
  • Called: The Sabbath of rest.
  • Called: The Sabbath of the Lord.
  • Christ: Is Lord of.
  • Christ: Taught on.
  • Christ: Was accustomed to observe.
  • Denunciations against those who profane
  • Dishonouring of--Exemplified: Gatherers of manna.
  • Dishonouring of--Exemplified: Gatherers of sticks.
  • Dishonouring of--Exemplified: Inhabitants of Jerusalem.
  • Dishonouring of--Exemplified: Men of Tyre.
  • Divine worship to be celebrated on
  • First day of the week kept as, by the church
  • God: Blessed.
  • God: Commanded to be sanctified.
  • God: Commanded, to be kept.
  • God: Hallowed.
  • God: Sanctified.
  • God: Shows considerate kindness in appointing.
  • God: Shows favour in appointing.
  • God: Will have his goodness commemorated in the observance of.
  • Grounds of its institution
  • Honouring of-Exemplified: Disciples.
  • Honouring of-Exemplified: John.
  • Honouring of-Exemplified: Moses.
  • Honouring of-Exemplified: Nehemiah.
  • Honouring of-Exemplified: Paul.
  • Honouring of-Exemplified: The women.
  • Instituted by God
  • Made for man
  • Necessary wants may be supplied
  • No burdens to be carried on
  • No manner of work to be done on
  • No purchases to be made on
  • Observance of, to be perpetual
  • Punishment of those who profane
  • Saints: Honour God in observing.
  • Saints: Observe.
  • Saints: Rejoice in.
  • Saints: Testify against those who desecrate.
  • Servants and cattle should be allowed to rest upon
  • The Scriptures to be read on
  • The seventh day observed as
  • The wicked: Bear burdens on.
  • The wicked: Do their own pleasure on.
  • The wicked: Hide their eyes from.
  • The wicked: May be judicially deprived of.
  • The wicked: Mock at.
  • The wicked: Pollute.
  • The wicked: Profane.
  • The wicked: Sometimes pretend to zealous for.
  • The wicked: Traffic on.
  • The wicked: Wearied by.
  • The wicked: Work on.
  • The word of God to be preached on
  • Works connected with religious service lawful on
  • Works of mercy lawful on

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