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  • Always offered upon altars
  • Consisted of: Clean animals or bloody sacrifices.
  • Consisted of: The fruits of the earth or sacrifices without blood.
  • Could not take away sin
  • Different kinds of: Burnt offering wholly consumed by fire.
  • Different kinds of: Peace offering.
  • Different kinds of: Sin offering for sins of ignorance.
  • Different kinds of: Trespass offering for intentional sins.
  • Divine institution of
  • Fat of, not to remain until morning
  • For public use often provided by the state
  • Generally the best of their kind
  • Illustrative of: A broken spirit.
  • Illustrative of: Benevolence.
  • Illustrative of: Devotedness.
  • Illustrative of: Martyrdom.
  • Illustrative of: Prayer.
  • Illustrative of: Righteousness.
  • Illustrative of: Thanksgiving.
  • Imparted a legal purification
  • No leaven offered with, except for
  • Offered to false gods, are offered to devils
  • Often consumed by fire from heaven
  • On great occasions, very numerous
  • Required to be perfect and without blemish
  • The covenants of God confirmed by
  • The Jews: Condemned for bringing defective and blemished.
  • The Jews: Condemned for not offering.
  • The Jews: Condemned for not treating with respect.
  • The Jews: Condemned for offering, to idols.
  • The Jews: Unaccepted in, on account of sin.
  • The offering of, an acknowledgment of sin
  • The priests: Appointed to offer.
  • The priests: Had a portion of, and lived by.
  • To be brought to the place appointed by God
  • To be offered to God alone
  • Were accepted when offered in sincerity and faith
  • Were bound to the horns of the altar
  • Were offered: After the departure of Israel from Egypt.
  • Were offered: At all the feasts.
  • Were offered: By the patriarchs.
  • Were offered: Daily.
  • Were offered: For individuals.
  • Were offered: For the whole nation.
  • Were offered: From the earliest age.
  • Were offered: In faith of a coming Saviour.
  • Were offered: Monthly.
  • Were offered: Under the Mosaic age.
  • Were offered: Weekly.
  • Were offered: Yearly.
  • Were salted with salt
  • Were typical of Christ`s sacrifice
  • When bloody, accompanied with meat and drink offering
  • Without obedience, worthless

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