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  • All the earth shall see
  • Announced after the fall
  • Came to the Gentiles through the fall of the Jews
  • Christ: Appointed for.
  • Christ: Brings, with him.
  • Christ: Came to effect.
  • Christ: Died to effect.
  • Christ: Exalted to give.
  • Christ: Has.
  • Christ: Mighty to effect.
  • Christ: Raised up for.
  • Christ: The Author of.
  • Christ: The Captain of.
  • Confession of Christ necessary to
  • Described as: Common.
  • Described as: Eternal.
  • Described as: From generation to generation.
  • Described as: Glorious.
  • Described as: Great.
  • Described as: To the uttermost.
  • Final perseverance necessary to
  • From sin, to be worked out with fear and trembling
  • God is willing to give
  • Godly sorrow works repentance to
  • Illustrated by: A cup.
  • Illustrated by: A helmet.
  • Illustrated by: A horn.
  • Illustrated by: A lamp.
  • Illustrated by: A rock.
  • Illustrated by: A shield.
  • Illustrated by: A tower.
  • Illustrated by: A victory.
  • Illustrated by: Chariots.
  • Illustrated by: Clothing.
  • Illustrated by: Walls and bulwarks.
  • Illustrated by: Wells.
  • Is by Christ
  • Is by Christ alone
  • Is deliverance from: Enemies.
  • Is deliverance from: Eternal death.
  • Is deliverance from: Sin.
  • Is deliverance from: The devil.
  • Is deliverance from: This present evil world.
  • Is deliverance from: Uncleanness.
  • Is deliverance from: Wrath.
  • Is far off from the wicked
  • Is not by works
  • Is of God
  • Is of grace
  • Is of love
  • Is of mercy
  • Is of the appointment of God
  • Is of the long-suffering of God
  • Is of the purpose of God
  • Is through faith in Christ
  • Ministers: Are a sweet savour of Christ to God, in those who obtain.
  • Ministers: Give the knowledge of.
  • Ministers: Should be clothed in.
  • Ministers: Should endure suffering that the elect may obtain.
  • Ministers: Should exhort to.
  • Ministers: Should labour to lead others to.
  • Ministers: Should use self-denial to lead others to.
  • Ministers: Show the way of.
  • No escape for those who neglect
  • Now is the day of
  • Of Israel, predicted
  • Of the Gentiles, predicted
  • Preaching the word is the appointed means of
  • Reconciliation to God, a pledge of
  • Regeneration necessary to
  • Revealed in the gospel
  • Saints: Appointed to obtain.
  • Saints: Are heirs of.
  • Saints: Ascribe, to God.
  • Saints: Beautified with.
  • Saints: Chosen to.
  • Saints: Clothed with.
  • Saints: Commemorate, with thanks.
  • Saints: Daily approach nearer to.
  • Saints: Declare.
  • Saints: Earnestly look for.
  • Saints: Evidence, by works.
  • Saints: Glory in.
  • Saints: Have a token of, in their patient suffering for Christ.
  • Saints: Have, through grace.
  • Saints: Hope for.
  • Saints: Kept by the power of God to.
  • Saints: Long for.
  • Saints: Love.
  • Saints: Praise God for.
  • Saints: Pray for a joyful sense of.
  • Saints: Pray for the assurance of.
  • Saints: Pray to be visited with.
  • Saints: Receive, as the end of their faith.
  • Saints: Rejoice in.
  • Saints: Satisfied by.
  • Saints: Wait for.
  • Saints: Welcome the tidings of.
  • Searched into and exhibited by the prophets
  • Sought in vain from: Earthly power.
  • Sought in vain from: Idols.
  • The gospel is the power of God to
  • The heavenly host ascribe, to God
  • The Scriptures are able to make wise to
  • Typified

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