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  • Christ after his resurrection commanded the gospel to be preached in
  • Christ at first forbade his disciples to visit
  • Christ preached in
  • Cities of, mentioned in scripture: Antipatris.
  • Cities of, mentioned in scripture: Samaria.
  • Cities of, mentioned in scripture: Sychar.
  • Had many cities
  • Inhabitants of: Abhorred by the Jews.
  • Inhabitants of: Boasted descent from Jacob.
  • Inhabitants of: Expected the Messiah.
  • Inhabitants of: Had no intercourse or dealings with the Jews.
  • Inhabitants of: More humane and grateful than the Jews.
  • Inhabitants of: Opposed the Jews after their return from captivity.
  • Inhabitants of: Professed to worship God.
  • Inhabitants of: Ready to hear and embrace the gospel.
  • Inhabitants of: Their religion mixed with idolatry.
  • Inhabitants of: Their true descent.
  • Inhabitants of: Were superstitious.
  • Inhabitants of: Worshipped on Mount Gerizim.
  • Many Christian churches in
  • Situated between Judea and Galilee
  • The gospel first preached in, by Philip
  • The persecuted Christians fled to

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