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  • Acted as: Keepers of the muster-rolls of the host.
  • Acted as: Notaries in courts of justice.
  • Acted as: Religious teachers.
  • Acted as: Secretaries to kings.
  • Acted as: Secretaries to prophets.
  • Acted as: Writers of public documents.
  • Antiquity of
  • Families celebrated for furnishing: Kenites.
  • Families celebrated for furnishing: Levi.
  • Families celebrated for furnishing: Zebulun.
  • Generally men of great wisdom
  • Illustrated of well instructed ministers of the gospel
  • Modern: Active in procuring our Lord`s death.
  • Modern: Condemned by Christ for hypocrisy.
  • Modern: Esteemed wise and learned.
  • Modern: Often offended at out Lord`s conduct and teaching.
  • Modern: Persecuted the Christians.
  • Modern: Regarded as interpreters of Scripture.
  • Modern: Sat in Moses` seat.
  • Modern: Tempted our Lord.
  • Modern: Their manner of teaching contrasting with that of Christ.
  • Modern: Were doctors of the law.
  • Modern: Were frequently Pharisees.
  • Modern: Wore long robes and loved pre-eminence.
  • Often learned in the law
  • Were ready writers
  • Wore an inkhorn at their girdles

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