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  • Advantage of possessing
  • All should desire to hear
  • Are able to make wise to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus
  • Are an unerring guide
  • Are called the: Book of the law.
  • Are called the: Book of the Lord.
  • Are called the: Book.
  • Are called the: Holy Scriptures.
  • Are called the: Law of the Lord.
  • Are called the: Oracles of God.
  • Are called the: Scripture of truth.
  • Are called the: Sword of the Spirit.
  • Are called the: Word of Christ.
  • Are called the: Word of God.
  • Are called the: Word of truth.
  • Are called the: Word.
  • Are full and sufficient
  • Are profitable both for doctrine and practice
  • Blessedness of hearing and obeying
  • Christ enables us to understand
  • Christ sanctioned, by appealing to them
  • Christ taught out of
  • Contain the promises of the gospel
  • Denunciations against those who add to, or take from
  • Described as: Perfect.
  • Described as: Precious.
  • Described as: Pure.
  • Described as: Quick and powerful.
  • Described as: True.
  • Designed for: Admonishing.
  • Designed for: Building up in the faith.
  • Designed for: Cleansing the heart.
  • Designed for: Cleansing the ways.
  • Designed for: Comforting.
  • Designed for: Converting the soul.
  • Designed for: Illuminating.
  • Designed for: Keeping from destructive paths.
  • Designed for: Making wise the simple.
  • Designed for: Producing faith.
  • Designed for: Producing hope.
  • Designed for: Producing obedience.
  • Designed for: Promoting growth in grace.
  • Designed for: Quickening.
  • Designed for: Regenerating.
  • Designed for: Rejoicing the heart.
  • Designed for: Sanctifying.
  • Designed for: Supporting life.
  • Destruction of, punished
  • Everything should be tried by
  • Given by inspiration of God
  • Given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit
  • Ignorance of, a source of error
  • Intended for the use of all men
  • Let them dwell richly in you
  • Mere hearers of, deceive themselves
  • No prophecy of, is of any private interpretation
  • Nothing to be taken from, or added to
  • One portion of, to be compared with another
  • Record divine prophecies
  • Reveal the laws, statutes, and judgments of God
  • Saints: Delight in.
  • Saints: Esteem, above all things.
  • Saints: Esteem, as a light.
  • Saints: Grieve when men disobey.
  • Saints: Hide, in their hearts.
  • Saints: Hope in.
  • Saints: Keep, in remembrance.
  • Saints: Long after.
  • Saints: Love exceedingly.
  • Saints: Meditate in.
  • Saints: Obey.
  • Saints: Plead the promises of, in prayer.
  • Saints: Pray to be conformed to.
  • Saints: Pray to be taught.
  • Saints: Regard, as sweet.
  • Saints: Rejoice in.
  • Saints: Speak of.
  • Saints: Stand in awe of.
  • Saints: Trust in.
  • Should be: Appealed to.
  • Should be: Believed.
  • Should be: Known.
  • Should be: Laid up in the heart.
  • Should be: Not handled deceitfully.
  • Should be: Not only heard, but obeyed.
  • Should be: Read publicly to ALL.
  • Should be: Read.
  • Should be: Received with meekness.
  • Should be: Received, not as the word of men, but as the word of God.
  • Should be: Searched daily.
  • Should be: Searched.
  • Should be: Talked of continually.
  • Should be: Taught to ALL.
  • Should be: Taught to children.
  • Should be: The standard of teaching.
  • Should be: Used against our spiritual enemies.
  • Testify of Christ
  • The Holy Spirit enable us to understand
  • The letter of, without the spirit, killeth
  • The wicked: Corrupt.
  • The wicked: Frequently wrest, to their own destruction.
  • The wicked: Make, of none effect through their traditions.
  • The wicked: Obey not.
  • The wicked: Reject.
  • The wicked: Stumble at.
  • They who search, are truly noble
  • Work effectually in them that believe
  • Written for our instruction

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