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  • Afflictions designed to lead to
  • Blessedness of
  • By prayer
  • Commanded
  • Ends in praise
  • Ensures: Being heard of him.
  • Ensures: Gifts of righteousness.
  • Ensures: His being found.
  • Ensures: His favour.
  • Ensures: His not forsaking us.
  • Ensures: His protection.
  • Ensures: Life.
  • Ensures: Prosperity.
  • Ensures: Understanding all things.
  • Exemplified: Asa.
  • Exemplified: Daniel.
  • Exemplified: David.
  • Exemplified: Ezra.
  • Exemplified: Hezekiah.
  • Exemplified: Jehoshaphat.
  • Exemplified: Josiah.
  • Exemplified: Uzziah.
  • Imperative upon all
  • In his house
  • Includes seeking: Christ.
  • Includes seeking: His commandments.
  • Includes seeking: His face.
  • Includes seeking: His kingdom.
  • Includes seeking: His Name.
  • Includes seeking: His precepts.
  • Includes seeking: His righteousness.
  • Includes seeking: His strength.
  • Includes seeking: His word.
  • Includes seeking: Honour which comes from him.
  • Includes seeking: Justification by Christ.
  • Includes seeking: The city which God has prepared.
  • Is never in vain
  • Leads to joy
  • None, by nature, are found to be engaged in
  • Promise connected with
  • Punishment of those who neglect
  • Saints: Characterised by.
  • Saints: Desirous of.
  • Saints: Early in.
  • Saints: Earnest in.
  • Saints: Engage in, with the whole heart.
  • Saints: Prepare their hearts for.
  • Saints: Purpose, in heart.
  • Saints: Set their hearts to.
  • Saints: Specially exhorted to.
  • Shall be rewarded
  • Should be: Evermore.
  • Should be: Immediate.
  • Should be: In the day of trouble.
  • Should be: While he may be found.
  • Should be: With diligence.
  • Should be: With the heart.
  • The wicked: Are gone out of the way of.
  • The wicked: Not led to, by affliction.
  • The wicked: Prepare not their hearts for.
  • The wicked: Refuse, through pride.
  • The wicked: Rejected, when too late in.
  • The wicked: Sometimes pretend to.
  • They who neglect denounced

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