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  • Antiquity of, among the Jews
  • Commanded by a master
  • Course of frequently directed by the heavenly bodies
  • Course of, through the midst of the sea, wonderful
  • Described as: Gallant.
  • Described as: Large.
  • Described as: Strong.
  • Described as: Swift.
  • Employed in: Carrying passengers.
  • Employed in: Fishing.
  • Employed in: Trading.
  • Employed in: War.
  • Endangered by: Quicksands.
  • Endangered by: Rocks.
  • Endangered by: Storms.
  • Generally impelled by sails
  • Generally made of the fir tree
  • Governed and directed by the helm
  • Guided in their course by pilots
  • Illustrative: (Wrecked,) of departure from the faith.
  • Illustrative: Of industrious women.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Of Adramyttium.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Of Alexandria.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Of Chaldea.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Of Chittim.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Of Tarshish.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Of Tyre.
  • Navigated: Lakes.
  • Navigated: Rivers.
  • Navigated: The ocean.
  • Often impelled by oars
  • Often the property of individuals
  • Parts of mentioned: The anchors.
  • Parts of mentioned: The boats.
  • Parts of mentioned: The forepart or foreship.
  • Parts of mentioned: The hinder part or stern.
  • Parts of mentioned: The hold or between the sides.
  • Parts of mentioned: The mast.
  • Parts of mentioned: The oars.
  • Parts of mentioned: The rudder or helm.
  • Parts of mentioned: The rudder-bands.
  • Parts of mentioned: The sails.
  • Parts of mentioned: The tackling.
  • Probably originated from the ark made by Noah
  • Solomon built a navy of
  • Sometimes made of bulrushes
  • Soundings usually taken for, in dangerous places
  • The hinder part of, occupied by the passengers
  • The seams of, were caulked
  • Usually distinguished by signs or figure heads
  • Were often wrecked
  • When damaged were sometimes undergirded with cables
  • Worked by mariners or sailors

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