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  • Cities invested by: Frequently helped by allies.
  • Cities invested by: Frequently taken by ambush.
  • Cities invested by: Frequently taken by assault.
  • Cities invested by: Inhabitants of, exhorted to be courageous.
  • Cities invested by: Often demanded terms of peace.
  • Cities invested by: Often suffered from famine.
  • Cities invested by: Often suffered from pestilence.
  • Cities invested by: Repaired and newly fortified beforehand.
  • Cities invested by: Sometimes used ambushes or sorties.
  • Cities invested by: Supplied with water beforehand.
  • Cities invested by: The inhabitants of, cut off beforehand supplies of water outside, useful to besi
  • Cities invested by: Walls of, defended by the inhabitants.
  • Cities invested by: Were strictly shut up.
  • Cities taken by: Frequently broken down.
  • Cities taken by: Frequently destroyed by fire.
  • Cities taken by: Given up to pillage.
  • Cities taken by: Inhabitants of, often put to the sword.
  • Cities taken by: Sometimes called after the name of the captor.
  • Cities taken by: Sometimes sown with salt.
  • Described as: Being against round about.
  • Described as: Compassing about with armies.
  • Described as: Encamping against.
  • Described as: Pitching against.
  • Described as: Setting in array against.
  • Extreme difficulty of taking cities by, alluded to
  • Fenced cities invested by
  • Great noise and tumult of, alluded to
  • Illustrative Of: The judgments of God.
  • Illustrative Of: The omnipresence of God.
  • Illustrative Of: Zion in her affliction.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Ai.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Cities of Israel in Galilee.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Cities of Judah.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Debir.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Eglon.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Gibbethon.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Hebron.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Jabesh-gilead.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Jericho.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Jerusalem.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Keilah.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Lachish.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Libnah.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Makkedah.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Rabbah.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Ramoth-gilead.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Samaria.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Shechem.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Thebez.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Tirzah.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Ziklag.
  • Often lasted for a long time
  • The Jews forbidden to cut down fruit trees for the purpose of
  • Those engaged in: Built forts and mounts.
  • Those engaged in: Called upon the city to surrender.
  • Those engaged in: Cast arrows and other missiles into the city.
  • Those engaged in: Cut off all supplies.
  • Those engaged in: Dug a trench round the city.
  • Those engaged in: Employed battering rams against the walls.
  • Those engaged in: Frequently laid ambushes.
  • Those engaged in: Invested the city on every side.
  • Those engaged in: Often suffered much during.
  • Threatened as a punishment

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