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  • Comparative value of
  • Described as: Fusible.
  • Described as: Malleable.
  • Described as: White and shining.
  • Generally found in an impure state
  • Given by David and his subjects for making the temple
  • Given by the Israelite for making the tabernacle
  • Illustrative: (Dross of,) of the wicked.
  • Illustrative: (Labour of seeking for,) of diligence required for attaining knowledge.
  • Illustrative: (Reprobate,) of the wicked.
  • Illustrative: Of good rulers.
  • Illustrative: Of saints purified by affliction.
  • Illustrative: Of the Medo-Persian kingdom.
  • Illustrative: Of the tongue of the just.
  • Illustrative: Of the words of the Lord.
  • Made into: Beds or couches.
  • Made into: Bowls.
  • Made into: Candlesticks.
  • Made into: Chains.
  • Made into: Cups.
  • Made into: Dishes.
  • Made into: Idols.
  • Made into: Ornaments and hooks for the pillars of the tabernacle.
  • Made into: Ornaments for the person.
  • Made into: Sockets for the boards of the tabernacle.
  • Made into: Tables.
  • Made into: Thin plates.
  • Made into: Vessels.
  • Made into: Wires (alluded to).
  • Often given as presents
  • Purified by fire
  • Purified, called: Choice silver.
  • Purified, called: Refined silver.
  • Taken in war often consecrated to God
  • Taken in war purified by fire
  • Tarshish carried on extensive commerce in
  • The patriarchs rich in
  • The working in, a trade
  • Tribute often paid in
  • Used as money from the earliest times
  • Veins of, found in the earth
  • Very abundant in the reign of Solomon
  • Wisdom to be esteemed more than

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