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  • An offensive weapon
  • Called the glittering spear
  • Different kinds of: Darts.
  • Different kinds of: Javelins.
  • Different kinds of: Lances.
  • First mention of, in Scripture
  • Frequently thrown from the hand
  • Frequently used by horse soldiers
  • Furbished before war
  • Illustrative of the bitterness of the wicked
  • Made into pruning-hooks in peace
  • Often retained in the hand of the person using
  • Parts of mentioned: The head of iron or brass.
  • Parts of mentioned: The staff of wood.
  • Probably pointed at both ends
  • Provided by the kings of Israel in great abundance
  • Pruning-hooks made into, before war
  • Stuck in the ground beside the bolster during sleep
  • The Israelites: Acquainted with the making of.
  • The Israelites: Frequently used.
  • The Israelites: Ill provided with, in the times of Deborah and Saul.
  • Those who used, called spearmen

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