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  • Called the greater light
  • Clearness of its light alluded to
  • Compared to a bridegroom coming forth from his chamber
  • Compared to a strong man rejoicing to run a race
  • Diffuses light and heat to all the earth
  • God: Appointed to divide seasons.
  • God: Appointed to rule the day.
  • God: Causes to know its time of setting.
  • God: Causes, to rise both on evil and good.
  • God: Created.
  • God: Exercises sovereign power over.
  • God: Placed in the firmament.
  • Illustrative: (Before or in sight of,) of public ignominy.
  • Illustrative: (Darkened,) of severe calamities.
  • Illustrative: (Going down at noon,) of premature destruction.
  • Illustrative: (Its brightness,) of the future glory of saints.
  • Illustrative: (Its clearness,) of the purity of the church.
  • Illustrative: (Its power,) of the triumph of saints.
  • Illustrative: (No more going down,) of perpetual blessedness.
  • Illustrative: Of Christ`s coming.
  • Illustrative: Of God`s favour.
  • Illustrative: Of supreme rulers.
  • Illustrative: Of the glory of Christ.
  • Indicates the hours of the day by the shadow on the dial
  • Made to praise and glorify God
  • Miracles connected with: Darkened at the crucifixion.
  • Miracles connected with: Shadow put back on the dial.
  • Miracles connected with: Standing still for a whole day in the valley of Ajalon.
  • The Jews: Commenced their day with the rising of.
  • The Jews: Commenced their evening with the setting of.
  • The Jews: Consecrated chariots and horses, as symbols of.
  • The Jews: Expressed the east by rising of.
  • The Jews: Expressed the west by setting of.
  • The Jews: Expressed the whole earth by, from rising of, to setting of.
  • The Jews: Forbidden to worship.
  • The Jews: Made images of.
  • The Jews: Worshipped.
  • The power and brilliancy of its rising alluded to
  • The rays of: Change the colour of the skin.
  • The rays of: Frequently destructive to human life.
  • The rays of: Pleasant to man.
  • The rays of: Produce and ripen fruits.
  • The rays of: Soften and melt some substances.
  • The rays of: Wither and burn up the herbs of the field.
  • Worshippers of, turned their faces towards the east

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