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  • Chief seats in, reserved for elders
  • Christ often: Attended.
  • Christ often: Performed miracles in.
  • Christ often: Preached and taught in.
  • Each sect had its own
  • Early notice of their existence
  • Governed by: A president or chief ruler.
  • Governed by: Ordinary rulers.
  • Had seats fro the congregation
  • Offenders were often: Expelled from.
  • Offenders were often: Given up to, for trial.
  • Offenders were often: Punished in.
  • Often used as courts of justice
  • Places in which the Jews assembled for worship
  • Probably originated in the schools of the prophets
  • Provided with a minister, who had charge of the sacred books
  • Revival of, after the captivity
  • Service in, on the Sabbath day
  • Service of, consisted of: Expounding the word of God.
  • Service of, consisted of: Praise and thanksgiving.
  • Service of, consisted of: Prayer.
  • Service of, consisted of: Reading the word of God.
  • Sometimes several, in the same city
  • Strangers were invited to address the congregation in
  • The Apostles frequently taught and preached in
  • The building of, considered a noble and meritorious work
  • The portion of Scripture for the day sometimes read by one of the congregation

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