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  • A saviour raised up for Israel against
  • Abana and Pharpar rivers of
  • Army of, miraculously routed
  • Asa sought aid of, against Israel
  • Benhadad king of, besieged Samaria
  • Besieged Samaria again
  • Damascus the capital of
  • David: Dedicated the spoils of.
  • David: Destroyed a second army of.
  • David: Destroyed the army of, which assisted Hadadezer.
  • David: Garrisoned and made tributary.
  • David: Obtained renown by his victory over.
  • David: Sent Joab against the armies of, hired by the Ammonites.
  • Death of the king of, and the cruelty of his successor foretold by Elisha
  • Elijah anointed Hazael king over, by divine direction
  • Elisha predicted to Joash his three victories over
  • God smote with blindness those sent against Elisha by the king of
  • Gospel preached and many churches founded in
  • Governed by kings
  • Inhabitants of: A commercial people.
  • Inhabitants of: A warlike people.
  • Inhabitants of: An idolatrous people.
  • Inhabitants of: Called Syrians of Damascus.
  • Inhabitants of: Called Syrians.
  • Inhabitants of: Spoke the Syriack language.
  • Israel delivered into the hands of, for the sins of Jehoahaz
  • Israel followed the idolatry of
  • Joined with Israel against Ahaz and besieged Jerusalem
  • Joram king of Israel in seeking to recover Ramothgilead from, severely wounded
  • More properly the country around Damascus
  • Originally included Mesopotamia
  • Prophecies respecting: Burning of Damascus.
  • Prophecies respecting: Ceasing to be a kingdom.
  • Prophecies respecting: Destruction of its inhabitants.
  • Prophecies respecting: Destruction of Rezin king of.
  • Prophecies respecting: Its calamities, the punishments of its sins.
  • Prophecies respecting: Its history in connection with the Macedonia empire.
  • Prophecies respecting: Its inhabitants to be captives.
  • Prophecies respecting: Plundering of Damascus.
  • Prophecies respecting: Terror and dismay in, occasioned by its invasion.
  • Retook Elath and drove out the Jews
  • Subdued and governed by the Romans
  • Subdued and its inhabitants taken captive by Assyria
  • The Israelites: At peace with, for three years.
  • The Israelites: Craftily drawn into a league with.
  • The Israelites: Defeated by, and Ahab slain.
  • The Israelites: Encouraged and assisted by God overcame a second time.
  • The Israelites: Forewarned of invasion by, at the return of the year.
  • The Israelites: Harassed by frequent incursions of.
  • The Israelites: Heard the secrets of, from Elisha.
  • The Israelites: Insignificant before.
  • The Israelites: Under Ahab encouraged and assisted by God, overcame.
  • The Israelites: Under Ahab sought to recover Ramoth-gilead from.

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