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  • Always conformable to the nature of man
  • Blessedness of those who meet and overcome
  • Christ keeps faithful saints from the hour of
  • Christ: Endured, from the devil.
  • Christ: Endured, from the wicked.
  • Christ: Intercedes for his people under.
  • Christ: Is able to help those under.
  • Christ: Overcame.
  • Christ: Resisted by the word of God.
  • Christ: Sympathises with those under.
  • Comes from: Covetousness.
  • Comes from: Lusts.
  • Does not come from God
  • Evil associates, the instruments of
  • Exemplified: Achan.
  • Exemplified: Balaam.
  • Exemplified: David.
  • Exemplified: Eve.
  • Exemplified: Jeroboam.
  • Exemplified: Joseph.
  • Exemplified: Paul.
  • Exemplified: Peter.
  • God cannot be the subject of
  • God enables the saints to bear
  • God knows how to deliver saints out of
  • God will make a way for saints to escape out of
  • God will not suffer saints to be exposed to, beyond their powers to bear
  • Has strength through the weakness of the flesh
  • Mere professors fall away in time of
  • Often arises through: Poverty.
  • Often arises through: Prosperity.
  • Often arises through: Worldly glory.
  • Often ends in sin and perdition
  • Often strengthened by the perversion of God`s word
  • Permitted as a trial of: Disinterestedness.
  • Permitted as a trial of: Faith.
  • Saints may be in heaviness through
  • Saints should: Avoid the way of.
  • Saints should: Not to occasion, to others.
  • Saints should: Pray to be kept from.
  • Saints should: Resist, in faith.
  • Saints should: Restore those overcome by.
  • Saints should: Watch against.
  • The devil is the author of
  • The devil will renew
  • To distrust of God`s providence
  • To presumption
  • To worshipping the god of this world

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