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  • Called: Curtains.
  • Called: Tabernacles.
  • Custom of sitting and standing at the door of
  • Ease and rapidity of their removal, alluded to
  • Fastened by cords to stakes or nails
  • Illustrative: (Enlarging of,) of the great extension of the Church.
  • Illustrative: (Spread out,) of the heavens.
  • Of the Jews contrasted with those of the Arabs
  • Origin and antiquity of
  • Sending persons to seek a convenient place for, alluded to
  • Separate, for females of the family
  • Separate, for the servants
  • Were pitched: In the neighbourhood of wells, &c.
  • Were pitched: On the tops of houses.
  • Were pitched: Under trees.
  • Were pitched: With order and regularity.
  • Were spread out
  • Were used by: All eastern nations.
  • Were used by: Israel in the desert.
  • Were used by: Patriarchs.
  • Were used by: Shepherds while tending their flocks.
  • Were used by: The Arabs.
  • Were used by: The people of Israel in all their wars.
  • Were used by: The Rechabites.

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