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  • All earthly treasure exposed to
  • Brings a curse on those who commit it
  • Brings the wrath of God upon those who commit it
  • Connected with murder
  • Defiles a man
  • Excludes from heaven
  • Exemplified: Achan.
  • Exemplified: Micah.
  • Exemplified: Rachel.
  • Exemplified: Shechemites.
  • Forbidden
  • From the poor specially forbidden
  • Heavenly treasure secure from
  • Illustrates the guilt of false teachers
  • Includes fraud concerning wages
  • Includes fraud in general
  • Is an abomination
  • Mosaic law respecting
  • Proceeds from the heart
  • Saints: Warned against.
  • Shame follows the detection of
  • The wicked: Addicted to.
  • The wicked: Associate with those who commit.
  • The wicked: Commit, under shelter of the night.
  • The wicked: Consent to show who commit.
  • The wicked: Destroy themselves by.
  • The wicked: Lie in wait to commit.
  • The wicked: May, for a season, prosper in.
  • The wicked: Plead excuses for.
  • The wicked: Repent not of.
  • The wicked: Store up the fruits of.
  • They who connive at: Hate their own souls.
  • They who connive at: Shall be reproved of God.
  • Woe denounced against

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