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  • A second: Or its value yearly brought to the tabernacle and eaten before the Lord.
  • A second: To be consumed at home every third year to promote hospitality and charity.
  • Antiquity of the custom of giving to God`s ministers
  • Considered a just return to God for his blessings
  • Consisted of a tenth: Of all cattle.
  • Consisted of a tenth: Of all the produce of the land.
  • Consisted of a tenth: Of holy things dedicated.
  • Given by God to the Levites for their services
  • Punishment for changing
  • Reasonableness of appointing, for the Levites
  • Rulers appointed over, for distributing
  • The Jews reproved for withholding
  • The Jews slow in giving
  • The Pharisees scrupulous in paying
  • The pious governors of Israel caused the payment of
  • The tenth of anything
  • The tenth of, given by the Levites to the priests as their portion
  • The tenth of, offered by the Levites as an heave offering to God
  • Under the law belonged to God
  • When redeemed to a fifth part of the value added

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