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  • After a long journey, described
  • Called way-faring men
  • Carried with them: Presents for those who entertained them.
  • Carried with them: Provender for their beasts of burden.
  • Carried with them: Provisions for the way.
  • Carried with them: Skins filled with water, wine, &c.
  • Ceasing of, threatened as a calamity
  • Estimated the length of their journey by the number of days which it occupied
  • For security often left the highways
  • Friends of: Frequently commended them to protection of God.
  • Friends of: Frequently took leave of them with sorrow.
  • Friends of: Often sent them away with music.
  • Friends of: Often supplied them with provision.
  • Friends of: Sometimes accompanied them a short way.
  • Generally commenced their journey early in the morning
  • Generally halted at wells or streams
  • Generally rested at noon
  • Generally treated with great hospitality
  • Halted at even
  • Of distinction: Before setting out gave employment, &c to their servants.
  • Of distinction: Frequently extorted provisions by the way.
  • Of distinction: Generally attended by running footmen.
  • Of distinction: Generally performed their journey in great state.
  • Of distinction: Often preceded by heralds, &c to have the roads prepared.
  • Of distinction: Rode in chariots.
  • Of distinction: Rode on asses, camels, &c.
  • Often collected together and formed caravans
  • Often engaged persons acquainted with the country as guides
  • Often travelled on foot
  • On errands requiring despatch: Saluted no man by the way.
  • On errands requiring despatch: Went with great speed.
  • On foot, how attired
  • Preparations made by, alluded to
  • Protected by those who entertained them
  • Strangers civil to
  • Tesserae hospitales or pledges of hospitality, alluded to
  • The caravanserai or public inn for noticed
  • The Jews prohibited from taking long journeys on the Sabbath
  • Were frequently asked whence they came and whither they went

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