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  • All saints exhorted to pay
  • Christ to avoid offence wrought a miracle to pay for himself and Peter
  • Exacted from all conquered nations
  • Kings of Israel: Forbidden to levy unnecessary or oppressive.
  • Kings of Israel: Often oppressed the people with.
  • Kings of Israel: Set officers over.
  • Often exacted in: Gold and silver.
  • Often exacted in: Labour.
  • Often exacted in: Produce of land, &c.
  • Priests and Levites exempted from
  • Roman: Christ showed to the Pharisees and Herodians the propriety of paying.
  • Roman: Collected by the Publicans.
  • Roman: Decree of Augustus for.
  • Roman: First levied in Judea when Cyrenius was governor.
  • Roman: Our Lord falsely accused of forbidding to pay.
  • Roman: Persons enroled for, in the native place of their tribe and family.
  • Roman: Was paid in Roman coin.
  • Roman: Was resisted by the Galilaeans under Judas of Galilee.
  • Sometimes exacted by kings from their own subjects
  • The Jews required to pay half a shekel to God as
  • When oppressive frequently led to rebellion

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