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  • An instrument of music
  • Called the trump
  • Made of: Rams` horns.
  • Made of: Silver.
  • Miracles connected with: Confusion produced in the camp of the Midianites by sound of.
  • Miracles connected with: Falling of the walls of Jericho.
  • Miracles connected with: Heard at Mount Sinai at giving of the law.
  • Moses commanded to make two, for the tabernacle
  • Required to give an intelligible and understood sound
  • Solomon made a great many, for the service of the temple
  • Sounding of, illustrative of: God`s power to raise the dead.
  • Sounding of, illustrative of: The bold and faithful preaching of ministers.
  • Sounding of, illustrative of: The latter day judgments.
  • Sounding of, illustrative of: The proclamation of the gospel.
  • The feast of trumpets celebrated by blowing of
  • The jubilee introduced by blowing of
  • The priests to blow the sacred
  • The war-horse acquainted with the sound of
  • Used for: Assembling the people to war.
  • Used for: Blowing at all religious processions and ceremonies.
  • Used for: Blowing over the sacrifices on the feast day.
  • Used for: Calling assemblies.
  • Used for: Giving alarm in cases of danger.
  • Used for: Proclaiming kings.
  • Used for: Regulating the journeys of the children of Israel.
  • Used for: Sounding for a memorial when the people went into battle.

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