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  • Always goes before his face
  • Described as: Abundant.
  • Described as: Enduring to all generations.
  • Described as: Great.
  • Described as: Inviolable.
  • Described as: Plenteous.
  • Described as: Reaching to the clouds.
  • Exemplified towards: Abraham.
  • Exemplified towards: Israel.
  • Exemplified towards: Jacob.
  • Exhibited in his: Administration of justice.
  • Exhibited in his: Counsels of old.
  • Exhibited in his: Dealings with saints.
  • Exhibited in his: Deliverance of saints.
  • Exhibited in his: Fulfilment of his covenant.
  • Exhibited in his: Fulfilment of promises in Christ.
  • Exhibited in his: Judicial statutes.
  • Exhibited in his: Punishment of the wicked.
  • Exhibited in his: Ways.
  • Exhibited in his: Word.
  • Exhibited in his: Works.
  • He keeps, for ever
  • Is a shield and buckler to saints
  • Is denied by: The devil.
  • Is denied by: The self-righteous.
  • Is denied by: Unbelievers.
  • Is one of his attributes
  • Remembered toward saints
  • United with mercy in redemption
  • We should: Confide in.
  • We should: Magnify.
  • We should: Make known to others.
  • We should: Plead, in prayer.
  • We should: Pray for its exhibition to others.
  • We should: Pray for its manifestation to ourselves.

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