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  • Cottages built in, for the keepers
  • Estimated profit arising from, to the cultivators
  • Estimated rent of
  • Frequently let out to husbandmen
  • Frequently walled or fenced with hedges
  • Illustrative: (Cleaning grapes of,) of the elect.
  • Illustrative: (Failure of,) of severe calamities.
  • Illustrative: Of the Jewish Church.
  • In unfavourable seasons produced but little wine
  • Laws respecting: Compensation in kind to be made for injury done to.
  • Laws respecting: Not to be cultivated in the Sabbatical year.
  • Laws respecting: Not to be planted with different kinds of seed.
  • Laws respecting: Planters of, not liable to military service till they had eaten of the fruit.
  • Laws respecting: Strangers entering, allowed to eat fruit of, but not to take any away.
  • Laws respecting: The fruit of new, not to be eaten for three years.
  • Laws respecting: The fruit of new, to be eaten by the owners from the fifth year.
  • Laws respecting: The fruit of new, to be holy to the Lord in the fourth year.
  • Laws respecting: The gleaning of, to be left for the poor.
  • Laws respecting: The spontaneous fruit of, not to be gathered during the sabbatical year.
  • Members of the family often wrought in
  • Mode of hiring and paying labourers for working in
  • Of red grapes particularly esteemed
  • Of the kings of Israel superintended by officers of the state
  • Of the slothful man neglected and laid waste
  • Origin and antiquity of
  • Provided with the apparatus for making wine
  • Rent of, frequently paid by part of the fruit
  • The design of planting
  • The poor engaged in the culture of
  • The produce of, was frequently destroyed by enemies
  • The Rechabites forbidden to plant
  • The stones carefully gathered out of
  • The vintage or ingathering of: Failure in, occasioned great grief.
  • The vintage or ingathering of: Sometimes continued to the time of sowing seed.
  • The vintage or ingathering of: Was a time of great rejoicing.
  • The whole produce of, often destroyed by insects, &c
  • The wicked judicially deprived of the enjoyment of
  • Were often mortgaged

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