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  • Designed for defence
  • Designed for separation
  • Frequently made of stone and wood together
  • Hyssop frequently grew on
  • Illustrative: (Bowing or tottering,) of the wicked under judgments.
  • Illustrative: (Brazen,) of prophets in their testimony against the wicked.
  • Illustrative: (Daubed with untempered mortar,) of the teaching of false prophets.
  • Illustrative: (Of partition,) of separation of Jews and Gentiles.
  • Illustrative: (Whited,) of hypocrites.
  • Illustrative: Of ordinances as a protection to the Church.
  • Illustrative: Of salvation.
  • Illustrative: Of the Church as a protection to the nation.
  • Illustrative: Of the protection of God.
  • Illustrative: Of the wealth of the rich in his own conceit.
  • Illustrative: Of those who afford protection.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Of cities.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Of houses.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Of temples.
  • Mentioned in scripture: Of vineyards.
  • Miracles connected with: Falling of the walls of Jericho.
  • Miracles connected with: Handwriting on the wall of Belshazzar`s palace.
  • Of cities: Adroitness of soldiers in scaling alluded to.
  • Of cities: Custom of dedicating.
  • Of cities: Danger of approaching too near to, in time of war.
  • Of cities: Destruction of, a punishment and cause of grief.
  • Of cities: Frequently laid in ruins.
  • Of cities: Had towers built on them.
  • Of cities: Houses often built on.
  • Of cities: Houses sometimes broken down to repair, and fortify.
  • Of cities: idolatrous rites performed on.
  • Of cities: Instances of persons let down from.
  • Of cities: Kept by watchmen night and day.
  • Of cities: Often very high.
  • Of cities: Sometimes burned.
  • Of cities: Strongly fortified.
  • Of cities: The bodies of enemies sometimes fastened on, as a disgrace.
  • Of cities: The falling of, sometimes occasioned great destruction.
  • Of cities: Were battered by besieging armies.
  • Of cities: Were broad and places of public resort.
  • Of cities: Were strongly manned in war.
  • Of houses: Could be easily dug through.
  • Of houses: Had nails or pegs fastened into them when built.
  • Of houses: Liable to leprosy.
  • Of houses: Often infested with serpents.
  • Of houses: The seat next, was the place of distinction.
  • Of houses: Usually plastered.
  • Small towns and villages were not surrounded by
  • Were probably often strengthened with plates of iron or brass

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