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  • A time for
  • Antiquity of
  • Frequently long continued
  • Frequently sore and bloody
  • God: Causes to cease.
  • God: Frequently ordered.
  • God: Gives the victory in.
  • God: Scatters those who delight in.
  • God: Strengthens His people for.
  • God: Taught His people the art of.
  • Illustrative of: Our contest with death.
  • Illustrative of: The contest between Antichrist and the Church.
  • Illustrative of: The contest of saints with the enemies of their salvation.
  • Illustrative of: The malignity of the wicked.
  • Large armies frequently engaged in
  • Often attended by: Cruelty.
  • Often attended by: Devastation.
  • Often attended by: Famine.
  • Often attended by: Pestilence.
  • Often sent as a punishment for sin
  • Originates in the lusts of men
  • Preceded by: Consultation.
  • Preceded by: Great preparation.
  • Preceded by: Rumors.
  • Records often kept of
  • The Jews: Frequently engaged in ( See Joshua chapters 6 through 11).
  • The Jews: Were expert in.
  • Weapons used in

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