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  • An article of extensive commerce
  • Characterised as: Cheering God and man.
  • Characterised as: Gladdening the heart.
  • Characterised as: Making mirthful.
  • Characterised as: Strengthening.
  • Consequence of putting (when new), into old bottles
  • Custom of giving to persons in pain or suffering, mixed with drugs
  • Custom of presenting to travellers
  • First fruits of, to be offered to God
  • First mention of
  • First mode of making, notice
  • Forbidden to Nazarites during their separation
  • Forbidden to the priests while engaged in the tabernacle
  • Generally made by treading the grapes in a press
  • Given in abundance to the Jews when obedient
  • Illustrative: Of the abominations of the apostasy.
  • Illustrative: Of the blessing of the gospel.
  • Illustrative: Of the blood of Christ.
  • Illustrative: Of the wrath and judgments of God.
  • Illustrative: Of violence and rapine.
  • Improved by age
  • In excess: Forbidden.
  • In excess: Impairs the health.
  • In excess: Impairs the judgment and memory.
  • In excess: Inflames the passions.
  • In excess: Infuriates the temper.
  • In excess: Leads to remorse.
  • In excess: Leads to sorrow and contention.
  • In times of scarcity, was mixed with water
  • Many kinds of
  • Often spiced to increase its strength, &c
  • Places celebrated for: Assyria.
  • Places celebrated for: Canaan in general.
  • Places celebrated for: Helbon.
  • Places celebrated for: Lebanon.
  • Places celebrated for: Moab.
  • Places celebrated for: Possessions of Judah.
  • Red, most esteemed
  • Refining of, alluded to
  • Sometimes mixed with milk as a beverage
  • Sweet, esteemed for flavour and strength
  • The Jews frequently deprived of, as a punishment
  • The Jews frequently drank, to excess
  • The love of Christ to be preferred to
  • The Rechabites never drank
  • Was kept in bottles
  • Was made of: The juice of the grape.
  • Was made of: The juice of the pomegranate.
  • Was stored in cellars
  • Was used: As a beverage from the earliest age.
  • Was used: As a medicine.
  • Was used: At all feasts and entertainments.
  • Was used: For drink offerings in idolatrous worship.
  • Was used: For drink offerings in the worship of God.
  • Water miraculously turned into
  • With corn and oil, denoted all temporal blessings

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