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  • Allowed to join in the temple-music from the time of David
  • Characterised as: Loving and affectionate.
  • Characterised as: Tender and constant to her offspring.
  • Characterised as: Timid.
  • Characterised as: Weaker than man.
  • Considered a valuable booty in war
  • Curse pronounced on
  • Deceived by Satan
  • Frequently: Active in instigating to iniquity.
  • Frequently: Fond of self-indulgence.
  • Frequently: Silly and easily led into error.
  • Frequently: Subtle and deceitful.
  • Frequently: Zealous in promoting superstition and idolatry.
  • Generally lived in a separated apartment or tent
  • Generally wore a vail in the presence of the other sex
  • Good and virtuous, described
  • Had a court of the tabernacle assigned to them
  • Illustrative: (At ease and careless,) of a state of carnal security.
  • Illustrative: (Chaste and holy,) of saints.
  • Illustrative: (Delicate,) of backsliding Israel.
  • Illustrative: (Foolish,) of mere professors.
  • Illustrative: (Forsaken,) of Israel in her captivity.
  • Illustrative: (Gloriously arrayed,) of the Church of Christ.
  • Illustrative: (Lewd,) of the Roman apostasy.
  • Illustrative: (Wise,) of saints.
  • Led man to disobey God
  • Of distinction: Fair and graceful.
  • Of distinction: Fond of dress and ornaments.
  • Of distinction: Haughty in their deportment.
  • Of distinction: Wore their hair plaited and adorned with gold and pearls.
  • Of the poorer classes swarthy from exposure to the sun
  • Often engaged in: Agriculture.
  • Often engaged in: Attending funerals as mourners.
  • Often engaged in: Celebrating the victories of the nation.
  • Often engaged in: Domestic employments.
  • Often engaged in: Drawing and carrying water.
  • Often engaged in: Embroidery.
  • Often engaged in: Grinding corn.
  • Often engaged in: Spinning.
  • Often engaged in: Tending sheep.
  • Often treated with great cruelty in war
  • Origin and cause of the name
  • Originally made: By God in his own image.
  • Originally made: For man.
  • Originally made: From one of Adam`s ribs.
  • Originally made: Subordinate to man.
  • Originally made: To be an helpmeet for man.
  • Originally made: To be the glory of man.
  • Punishment for injuring, when with child
  • Safety in childbirth promised to the faithful and holy
  • Salvation promised through the seed of
  • Submissive and respectful to husbands
  • To be governed by, considered a calamity by the Jews
  • To be slain by, considered a great disgrace
  • To wear her hair long as a covering
  • Unfaithfulness of, when married found out by the waters of jealousy
  • Virtuous, held in high estimation
  • Vows of, when married not binding upon the husband
  • Were required to hear and obey the law
  • Young: Called damsels.
  • Young: Called maids.
  • Young: Called virgins.
  • Young: Could not marry without consent of parents.
  • Young: Fond of ornaments.
  • Young: Gay and merry.
  • Young: Inherited parents` property when there was no male heir.
  • Young: Kind and courteous to strangers.
  • Young: Not to be given in marriage considered a calamity.
  • Young: Of distinction, dressed in robes of various colours.
  • Young: Often taken captive.
  • Young: Often treated with great cruelty in war.
  • Young: Punishment for seducing when not betrothed.
  • Young: Punishment for seducing, when betrothed.
  • Young: Required to learn from and imitate their elders.

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