Financial Problems - What would Jesus say to you?

  Financial Problems - What would Jesus say to you?

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Financial Problems - What would Jesus say to you?

Hello Friend,

Thank you for coming to me.  My preference is to listen more than talk.  So, first, please come talk to me, and tell me how you feel.

Financial Problems: My compassion for you
Believe it or not, I do understand how you feel about your financial trouble.  Compassion is one of my strongest characteristics.  Did you know that I can truly empathize with you, whether you are going from riches to rags, or from rags to nothing.  As a human on earth, I fell from a poor standard of living to even greater poverty.  Were you born in an animal barn like me?  My parents were working class peasants, and we lived in what you might call a hole in the ground with branches for a roof.  The last three years of my life on earth, I was a homeless roaming preacher, living on the hospitality of others.  Finally, at my point of death, they stripped me even of my robe, so I ended naked and broke. Yet, keep in mind where it all started for me, as God come to earth, leaving behind more riches than you can even imagination. 

Financial Problems: You are not alone
Every day I talk to other friends struggling with financial troubles:  A former corporate president now forced to move out of his house;  A top college graduate who worked hard for decades and is now declaring bankruptcy;  An immigrant housekeeper who wonders whether she should return to her home country because of unemployment;  A friend just wanting to give up and die;  A mother watching her child die of starvation.  The point is you are not alone.  They all cry out to me, and what do I want them to hear? 

Financial Problems: Stand up with dignity and value
First and foremost, I want you to stand up with dignity.  I love and value you, so embrace your value.  The big lie is that your possessions define your value.  No!  You are of infinite value to me. You are my treasure! Possessions mean nothing to me, and it does not matter to me how much you possess.  Imagine that you lose everything.  My love for you never changes.  Keep in mind that if you are my follower, you are also a precious, adopted child of God. Similarly, your greatest treasure includes God, and the people in your life.

Financial Problems: I am on your side
I want you to believe that you and I are on the same side, working together. I want you to ask, in faith, for my help.  I want you to believe that things will eventually work out for the good, although perhaps not in the way that you expect. 

Yes, I have full power to solve your problem, but to be honest, I do not promise to solve your problems now.  So what good am I?  I want you to know that as your friend, my deepest desire is to walk with you through this.  I will be here to listen to you, to support you, to affirm you, to help you persevere.

In case you want to blame me, I did not intend things to be this way.  My enemy and your enemy has broken this world and wants to destroy you.  It was never my plan to break your back under financial pressure.  Economic exploitation is the world’s own plan.  Slavery to finanicial debt works against my desire for your freedom.

In case you feel guilty for something you did, I do not judge you.  My role is to defend you from judgment.  Keep in mind that if you ask me for forgiveness, it is yours.   Any remaining guilt does not come from me, and is most likely from the enemy.

Financial Problems: My advice is enjoy today
Finally, if you want my advice, then focus on living your life just for today. Do not be anxious about tomorrow.  Use this time to appreciate what you do have.  Yes, be thankful.  Focus also on loving others.

Recognize that you are NOT in control of the situation so relax.  I am in control. Rest in my love. Just be diligent to do your part. 

I will try to lead you to people and resources who will help you.  Be on the watch for my hand in your life.

Remember always, I love you and am with you!

Your truest friend,


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