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Surprisingly, Jesus was not a Christian, and the word Christianity is not found in the Bible.

So what is Christianity?  Christianity is a religion centered on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.  Christianity is the world's largest religion, with one estimate implying 2.1 billion adherents, or approximately 33% of the world's population. 

However, naming Jesus as the founder of Christianity is not completely consistent with the facts about Christianity, or the history of Christianity.  Jesus of Nazareth, his family and his initial followers were all Jewish. 

The term Christianity was not coined until 30 to 50 years after Jesus' life, and it was not until 261 A.D. that Emperor Gallienus' edict made Christianity a legal religion.  After Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire, the birth of Jesus marked the beginning of our modern calendar (e.g. 2007 A.D. aims to mark 2,007 years since the birth of Jesus).

For an introduction to Christianity beliefs, some study a Christianity 101 course, or read one of the classic books explaining the essence of Christianity, such as Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis or Basic Christianity by John Stott.

However, a superior approach is to go back to the original source documents.  Biblical Christianity relies on both the Bible's Old and New Testament as primary source documents for the Christian religion.  Most adherents of the Christian faith believe Jesus to be the Son of God and the Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament. The New Testament includes the Jesus biography (Gospels), plus the history and correspondence of the early followers of Jesus. 

To learn from the origins of Christianity, Jesus' own life and teachings, use these guides into the original source documents:

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Christianity Rocks!

 I am a firm believer! But I do know when to back off. You should respect others beliefs and demand their respect as well! Now "Atheists" dude. What's with the attitude man! Back off! And another thing missionaries are just trying to be nice and help people so stop being so hateful! Did you know that some Chinese officers found a secret church and said that anyone who still wanted to believe in Jesus was to stay in the circle. Well guess what only some got out. They shot the rest including the children! Do you think that's funny?! Well do ya?!

By: Tatiana Cox
Category: sdgsdg
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My dear Christian friends.  Let's start by examining what it means to be atheist:  first off, you don't believe in god.  If you don't believe in god, then either you don't know about god, or satan implanted the seeds of confusion in your brain.

 Agree so far?  Good.

Logically, since satan is present, Atheists must be in league with him.  Aye?  So Atheists are really just satanists.



not at all, you religious fools.  Pardon me for not spouting about jesus.  As I recall, it says 'people of all backgrounds'. 

Learning about jesus, to anyone other than a christian, is exactly like learning about a flying speghetti monster.  I doubt this is the first time you've heard it.

It's sad really, when you want to put prayer in schools.  Did you know 'under god' was ADDED to the pledge of allegiance?

It was.  Or, your holiday.  Christmas.  Let me tell you something:  early christians petitioned the ruling powers to erect a holiday for their messiahs' birth.  They were denied.  So what did they do?  They celebrated on an already celebrated holiday:  THe winter solstice!

Easter is just ther vernal equinox...come on people, use your brains, not your liver.

I'm just saying if you step back and look at what you believe logically, it's rather ignorant and stupid.

Let's accept, for a minute, that there is an all knowing, all powerfull, and all benevolent diety in the sky.  Why in hell would he kill little children?  so they can go straight to heaven?  What about being 'born a sinner'?

Don't be stupid, folks.  There is no entity in the sky, watching your every move.  Morals for the wrong reasons are a lot more dangerious for no morals at all.

By: Oz DeLaVergne
Category: sdgsdg
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What an absolute waste of energy for the writer and a monumental waste of broadband. It says nothing! The few bits I could derive from the article are true, but for a non-believing Christian they are a waste of time.

By: Philip Neri
Category: sdgsdg
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I can't judge anyone I can only pray for them and let my GOD handle the rest.  I know that we can't stop people from making the choices that they make, but as for me I choose JESUS CHRIST GOD'S SON.  GOD SAID, if you ask HIM HE will come in and be with you.  We have to learn to open our hearts up and be compassionate towards one another and each others feelings.  GOD has given us all choices, we can Choose HIM ETERNAL LIFE or we can choose not to be with HIM.  Its where you want to spend eternity.   But its only fair that we all give HIM a chance study HIS WORD and try living the life that HE teaches us for a while you've tryed it your way now lets try HIS for awhile what else can you loose.

URL: http://jecuscentral.com

By: vanessa smith
Category: sdgsdg
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In Response to Relegion

There's one big problem with trying to respect the belief's of others. Not all religions are equal. First, the belief in Christ Jesus does not allow any other belief system. Because you can't be a true follower of Christ and kowningly let someone else worship a false God. We are commanded in Mark 16:15&16 "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned!!!!!!!

So you see there is no other truer God but Jesus. That's why we as christians who believe on the Name, and the Father and the Holy Spirit the triune God Head, cannot just sit back and relax. All that do not believe and get baptised, will live forever, just not with God.

I don't know about you guys, but it saddens my heart to see so many people comdemned to an eternity of fire and agony. Respect is one thing, but not furthing the gospel of Christ is another. So I will just continue sharing Gods love with true concern for the unbelievers future.

Praise to God our Lord.

By: Rory Hance
Category: sdgsdg
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ok well,
i think that maybe jesus was real.does that make me christian,no im atheist,but the reason i clicked this is because i think having a god is a bunch of bullshit!

By: meghan Name
Category: sdgsdg
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To: Genovevo lubaton

 Actually it doesn't say anything about that in Acts 11:26 u must use a different version?!?NIV maybe?!?!

Not just anyone who follows Christ are or can be christians u must first be saved!! 

By: antionette hubert
Category: sdgsdg
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 he is the son of God and the Messiah.

lunatic and liar i don't think so buddy!GRRR if anybody is a liar and lunatic it's satan!In the Bible it say's that he (satan) is the Father of all lies.

Don't judge my God!!!!!!he's the only one who should judge people! 

By: antionette hubert
Category: sdgsdg
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To Love jesus
If it wasn't for jesus we would not be here.Everyone forgets about jesus untilsomething happens and then They pray for help.And they need to put pray back in the schools. Pray and believeing in God is the only way to get though life. He is the only one we can really count on in life.And if you do have God in your life then you have nothing.put your trust in God and he will not let you down.His eyes are on the ways of man, and he sees all his steps.Nothing is more awesome than to know God.

By: Doris Hill
Category: sdgsdg
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