Did Jesus express compassion?
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Did Jesus express compassion?

According to the New Testament Bible, Jesus expressed compassion frequently. He expressed compassion wherever He went. He healed out of compassion. 

In the New Testament Gospel of John, chapter 11, the Bible records is the shortest verse in the Bible, “Jesus wept.” This story is the record of when one of Jesus’s closest friends, Lazarus. Jesus showed compassion for Lazarus’s family; He resurrected Lazarus (see the Gospel of John, chapter 11).

According to the New Testament Gospel of John chapter 8, when some Jewish leaders wanted to stone to death an adulterous woman, Jesus, shoed love to her and said,  “ I do not condemn you, go and sin no more”.

Jesus was divine compassion incarnate (in human form). He was filled with compassion. He was overflowing with compassion. In His human form, He knew what it was like to suffer and He had compassion for mankind. In His divine form, He knew what it was like to suffer since God knows everything. And God is love therefore He is also compassion. Jesus and God are one so Jesus is the very expression of God’s compassion.

Jesus showed the greatest compassion by dying for mankind on the cross. He died to pay for the sins of mankind. 

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Category: Did Jesus express compassion?
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Did Jesus express compassion?
How did Jesus express love?

By: Elaine Hedrick
Category: Did Jesus express compassion?
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