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walk across the room Hi My name is Tony i would like to ask all group members if would do me a favour would you please tell me your story how you came to know Christ Who influenced you? what was your life before you met Christ ? whats it like now ? how have you introduced new people to Christ . i my self have been just recently baptised and i am on my personal path with Christ,we just did a series in Church Just walk across the room which is about getting out of our comfort zones ,to go out and introduce other people that we dont know to introduce them to the greatest gift that we can give to anyone Jesus .

By: Tony
Category: My Blog
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All taken in Rapture, only aware?

What I mean is, when the Rapture occurs, will all believers be taken, or only those who are actively looking and aware of the end times in which we currently live?

I've sort of come to the conclusion that only those who are watching will be taken because of the exhortation to watch and pray that we may be counted worthy to escape the hour of tribulation that will come on the world and the parable of the servant who was supposed to watch his master's house, but fell asleep and was scourged for it. 

By: Elatia Grimshaw
Category: My Blog
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Is Jesus God?

Immediately following the baptism of Jesus a voice is heard from Heaven expressing plesure in Jesus. Whose voice is this if not God? If Jesus literally is God at this moment, why does God APPEAR to be in Heaven and Jesus on earth? Would this not amount to deception should Jesus be God?

In Gethsemane Jesus expresses his desire to be relieved of his earthly misson for the redemption of man. As Jesus, is God capable of this weakness or is it as depicted, Jesus prays to his God and our God for srength to complete his given task.

Would Jesus pray to himself as God for strength he already posses by virtue of being God? Is it theactrics for our benfit?  If God is God and Jesus is not, these events and John 20:17 make sense. Maybe I am wrong, if so please explain.

URL: http://www.jesuscentral.com/learning/Groups/groups.php? ....gr=North%20America&gid=35

By: Herb Davis
Category: My Blog
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What`s eveyone`s opinion of the Divinci Code Book.

By: Wendell Hines
Category: Life of Jesus - First Century Context of Palestine (Israel)
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When it is said to ``love the Lord your God``, how is this ``love`` defined?
I ask this because I`m really unsure of the answer. I can relate with the ``love`` for a family member who has been with you for an extended period of time ''e.g. parents, spouse, etc.'' But is this the same kind of ``love`` that God demands from us?

By: David Onglatco
Category: Love One Another - Jesus
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How can tap into the holy spirit to help me trust in our Lord and Savior? Is it in prayer only or study in his teachings or fellowship or all?
Sometimes I feel unworthy to have Jesus company. I love him so much but feel such fear of never being good enough.

By: David Vonderbecke
Category: Love One Another - Jesus
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when will the end of the world come?
I think that can be at any time now.

By: Charlotte Dyson
Category: Statements of Purpose
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The love of God
Gods love is conditional, we must keep his word or burn in hell fire forever. We are guilty from the begining of our lives but because God so loved us he sacrificed his own begotten son to torture and death so that we might not perish. We did not deserve that grace and Christ Jesus did not deserve to be tortured, so we continue to feel guilty becuase of the way God loves us. To be loved by God is to be burdened with guilt and fear.

By: Lorcan Bale
Category: Jesus Says God Loves You and Is With You
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God forgive us, if we ask.
God forgive us , if we ask. Jesus taught us many parables and that we have to ask for forgiveness. In Hebrew 8:12 God mentioned that ``I will forgive their wickedness and remember their sins no more. So we also have to forgive others as stated in Matthew 18 :23-35 when Jesus taught us the parable . Thank you Lord forgiving my sins and give me a forgiving heart to forgive those who persecuted me. Romans 12 : 14 to bless those who persecute you and do not curse.These are all God`s command that we should learn to love them.

By: Kathleen Terado
Category: Ask Jesus - He Says God Forgives You if You Ask
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Thank you
Thank you Jesus, sorry how I might be bad and do bad things sometimes, I hope you can forgive me.

By: Peter Greenfield
Category: My Blog
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