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  • Belongs to God
  • Caused by God
  • Commenced at sunset
  • Continued until sunrise
  • Designed for rest
  • Divided into four watches by the Romans
  • Eastern fishermen continued their employment during
  • Eastern shepherds watched over their flocks during
  • Favourable to the purposes of the wicked
  • Frequently: Accompanied by heavy dew.
  • Frequently: Cold and frosty.
  • Frequently: Exceeding dark.
  • God frequently: Executed his judgments in.
  • God frequently: Revealed his will in.
  • God frequently: Visited his people in.
  • Illustrative of: Death.
  • Illustrative of: Seasons of severe calamities.
  • Illustrative of: Seasons of spiritual desertion.
  • Illustrative of: Spiritual darkness.
  • Originally divided into three watches
  • Regular succession of: Established by covenant.
  • Regular succession of: Ordained for the glory of God.
  • The darkness first called
  • The heavenly bodies designed to separate day from
  • The Jews: Forbidden to allow malefactors to hang during.
  • The Jews: Forbidden to keep the wages of servants during.
  • The Jews: In affliction spent, in prayer.
  • The Jews: In affliction spent, in sorrow and humiliation.
  • The Jews: Often kept lamps burning during.
  • The moon and stars designed to rule and give light by
  • Unsuitable for labour
  • Unsuitable for travelling
  • Wearisome to the afflicted
  • Wild beasts go forth in search of prey during

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